For versatile and perfect coffee enjoyment: E8

The latest generation of JURA’s most successful coffee machine model boasts a reinterpreted design and a range of benefits previously found only in the premium class.

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For hot and cold brew coffee specialities: Z10

A masterpiece of Swiss engineering, the new Z10 doubles the range of speciality coffees. At the touch of a button it prepares the full spectrum of hot drinks from intense espresso to on-trend flat white. It also opens up a whole new dimension in the enjoyment of coffee with the introduction of cold brew specialities. This is made possible thanks to the Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.), which recognises the chosen speciality and instantly and precisely adjusts the fineness of grind accordingly.

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The campaign sujets for print and online

A series of new photographs have been taken to accompany the film. The photographs will feature in printed adverts, online banners and posters. They show Roger Federer and JURA’s coffee machines coming together to create an independent and distinct combination of clarity, design and style that is in a league of its own.